Crane Wesdrive was a CARCA racer from 1985 to 1998. He was killed after an impact with Drasson Draftski. His career had a lot of top 5s and top 10s. His last average position was 4th place.


Crane started his career convincingly, scoring a ton of top 5s and top 10s and he finished 5th overall, earning Rookie of the Year.


He stopped racing for the #102 team and moved to the #44 team which had a sponsor.  It was mostly a repeat of 1985 but with 2 wins and he finished 2nd overall.


He won 4 races, got 16 top 5s, 19 top 10s, and finished 2nd overall once again.


He won 3 races, got 10 top 5s, 15 top 10s and finished 3rd overall.


He had varying overall finishes.

2nd in 1989

3rd in 1990

4th in 1991

5th in 1992

7th in 1993

4th in 1994

3rd in 1995

3rd in 1996

4th in 1997.


By the time of the race at Road America, Crane was in 2nd overall but needed wins to beat Drasson Draftski. But...


Crane was in second at the beginning of the race but dropped to 12th
IMG 20200410 102113 509

Crane and Drasson. Notice that Drasson is the only thing in the photo to have color.

. Then suddenly, Justin Saturn lost control and hit Crane. Crane then hit the wall and got hit head-on by Drasson Draftski and was sent back into the wall before flipping twice and spinning. Crane then comes to a stop extremely close to the finish line before being hit by another racer and it left oil all over the racetrack. A pitty saw one of his wheels in the pit lane along with oil from Crane and yells "It's over, don't try to come and give him help. He is already dead."  Crane was posthumously enacted into the Hall of Fame for his amazing performance and his well-known aggressive-but not too aggressive to cause a wreck-aggressive.
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